def create_marketing_plan(): # Prompt the user for relevant information product_name = input("Enter the name of your product: ") target_audience = input("Who is your target audience? ") marketing_channels = input("List the marketing channels you plan to use (separated by commas): ") budget = float(input("Enter your marketing budget: $")) # Generate the marketing plan based on the provided information print("\n--- Marketing Plan ---") print("Product: " + product_name) print("Target Audience: " + target_audience) print("Marketing Channels: " + marketing_channels) print("Budget: $" + str(budget)) print("---------------------") # Run the marketing plan tool create_marketing_plan()
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I'm happy to answer any questions!

My name is Daniel Sabin. If you have questions about how to grow your business online, get a website for your business, or create a marketing message then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Use this contact form, call, or text.


Crucial Message Web Design & Marketing

3450 Alpine Ave NW #190

Grand Rapids, MI 49544



Office Hours (EST)

Sunday    Closed
Monday    9 AM–2
Tuesday    9 AM
–2 PM
Wednesday    9 AM
–2 PM
Thursday    9 AM
–2 PM
Friday    9 AM–2 PM
Saturday    Closed

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