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Get more work done with the Crucial Message Planner

The successful business owners are the ones who take action and get things done.

Your Crucial Message Planner will help you do just that!

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Set Goals: Set and break down your most important business objectives.

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Plan Each Day: Organize your day and track your progress to maximize your effectiveness.

Review The Results: Review the progress you've made and use that information to update your objectives or set new goals.

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How To Get Your Free Planner

1. Fill out Email Form: Yes, I'm asking for your email. In addition to this awesome planner, I want to be able to continue to send you actionable tips to help you grow your business online. Let's stay in touch.

2. Check your Email: You will receive a confirmation email that will send you to the download page.

3. Download & Print Your Planner: There will be instructions on how to print the planner so it comes out just right!

I've tried a ton of planners with varying degrees of success.


I couldn't find one that quite worked for me. They all either had extra stuff in it I didn't need or they were missing something I did need.

So, like small business owners tend to do, I did it myself.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing earth-shatteringly brilliant about this planner. It's simple. That's kind of the point. It helps me get shit done.

Now, I'm sharing it with you.

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