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Web Design Packages

Crucial Message Products

Small Business Marketing Assessment


  • Learn what's working and figure out where your marketing is going wrong.

  • Consist of a 45-60 minute meeting where we review the various marketing elements you currently have, discuss how to improve them, and consider what is missing.

Website Design


  • A full website designed based on your current marketing messaging and preferences.

  • Get your business online with a high quality website that aligns with your current marketing.

Email Campaign Design & Publishing


  • Creation of a series of 4 emails based on current marketing objectives.

  • Build stronger relationships with leads and customers.

Marketing Message Design


  • Define your target market and create buyer personas.

  • Write your Crucial Message and talk about your company in a clear, engaging manner.

Lead Magnet Design & Publishing


  • Creation of a lead-generating digital product based on your industry expertise.

  • Creation of a landing page to promote the lead magnet.

  • Short follow-up email sequence to onboard new leads and pitch an offer.

The Plan

1) Schedule a free strategy session.*

2) Meet with me and complete the My Crucial Message worksheet.

3) Get a plan to deliver your message and converts prospects into customers.

If not now, when?

*In this meeting, we'll talk about your business, how it's going, what your goals are for it, and what sets your company apart. Whether you choose to move forward with Crucial Message, you'll leave with your business's Crucial Message defined and suggestions for how to move forward.

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