Crucial Message

Cut Through The Noise & Get Control Of Your Social Media

Small Business Owners want to leverage social media to grow their business online, but can waste endless hours trying to figure out what they should post about and still get frustrating results.

I help them post clear, consistent, compelling content on any platform in just minutes by creating images and copy centered around their message allowing them more time with things that matter.

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In order to be successful on social media you need the Three C's


What you say on social media must be crystal clear.


What you say on social media needs to be said consistently.


What you say on social media has to matter to your target audience.

Knowing how to speak Your Crucial Message will take care of "Clear" and "Compelling".

The Social Media Success method will take care of the "Consistent".

Your Social Media Success Plan

Step One: The Strategy Meeting

We put our heads together and figure out Your Crucial Message & Crucial Marketing Plan. We also use this meeting to make sure we want to move forward working together.
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Step Two: Content Creation

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Using what we discover in the strategy meeting, I create 28 pieces of content that can be distributed across multiple platforms.
(Includes Images and Copy)

Step Three: Social Media Success

You implement your content calendar, spending less than a couple hours planning and scheduling your social media content.
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The time is now.

Here's a quick thought:

  • Most people go through life wanting different results, but putting forth the same efforts.

  • This is in spite of the fact that most people also believe that if they don't make changes, everything stays the same.

The truth is... if nothing changes, everything gets worse.

So, are you going to take action and take control of your social media?

Or stick with what you're doing now?

Get started with just a simple meeting:

You'll be happy you did.

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